Agaveria Hacha Unveils Trilogy Mirror Margarita For National Tequila Day

Award-winning London bar Hacha will be celebrating National Tequila Day (Sunday, July 24) by releasing a limited edition single ingredient version of its famed Mirror Margarita: The Trilogy. This innovative serve will be the first margarita in the world to be made using three different Tequilas in unique ways to create a cocktail that celebrates the diversity of the spirit.

As stated in its name, The Trilogy is made up of three different Tequilas, each specifically chosen to represent the key taste components of a classic margarita cocktail – the agave base, the sour and the sweet to balance. The base, Patrón is the same as features in Hacha’s original Mirror Margarita, a highland Tequila with citrusy notes, the sour element comes from a sour mix created with Herradura Tequila from the lowlands of Jalisco, and the sweet comes from a homemade Hacha Tequila Liqueur made using El Rayo, which blends agave from both highlands and lowlands. 

Served short and straight up at 19% ABV, this new play on the Mirror Margarita is more akin to a hybrid of a Margarita and Martini – with the agave spirit itself being even more present and accentuated than in a classic Margarita. The Trilogy will be available from the 22nd of July, to enjoy at Hacha Dalston and Hacha Brixton for a limited time in celebration of National Tequila Day, with a 200ml bottle also available to buy from both locations.  

Hacha’s Mirror Margarita, which was launched as a standalone brand in November, is a modern crystal clear twist on the classic Margarita, when served it looks like a glass of water yet holds the perfect balance of sweet and sour notes. Its creator, agave spirits expert Deano Moncrieffe, was inspired to create a cocktail that was familiar in both name and taste but strikingly different in appearance. 

Hacha Dalston is located at 378 Kingsland Rd, Dalston, London E8 4AA, while Hacha Brixton is at 12-14 Market Row, SW9 8LD. For more information or to make a reservation, head over to the bar’s official website.


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