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A New York Bar Is Serving The World’s Coldest Martini

The quest for the world’s coldest martini is seemingly endless, but new Gramercy Park bar Hawksmoor New York looks to have grabbed the title for now. One of the watering hole’s so-called...

Singapore Sling

There’s a point in the classic 80s flick Cocktail where Tom Cruise’s character Brian Flanagan refers to himself as “the last barman poet,” and he spits out a variety of mixed drink...

The Last Word

The first time we found ourselves being offered a Last Word, they had us at “Green Chartreuse.” This prohibition-era cocktail isn’t for the weak of heart (or wobbly kneed), but if you’re...

French Negroni

The Negroni has its base in Italy and the combination of Italian Vermouth and Campari with Gin, but it’s always fun to make a twist on your favorite drinks and that’s what...

One Day in Islay

We came across the One Day in Islay cocktail by Gunther Strobl via The Botanist, and immediately found ourselves intoxicated with the idea of a nettle tea cocktail. We’re somewhat obsessed with...

Gibson McPickle

We found the recipe for the Gibson McPickle among the vast array of cocktails concocted by visitors to Bruichladdich Distillery, where The Botanist Gin is produced. This drink was created by Ivan...

Smoke & Roses

The Smoke & Roses cocktail was created by Roushanna Gray and we came across it thanks to The Botanist Islay Dry Gin, one of our favorite Gins for everything from a Martini...
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