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Pacharan Basarana

Since 1872, Basarana has been making wine and spirits from its Falces, Navarra, Spain. It wasn’t until 1972, however, that the company started producing Pacharan (Patxaran). Now, it sells three different types...

Baines Pacharan

While Baines makes a few different alcohols, it’s Pacharan that remains the heart and soul of the operation. They make five different varieties (Clasico, Oro, Pamplonica, Sadar, and Laxoa). Since 1844, Baines has...

Pacharan San Cernin

One of only eight companies listed by the Consejo Regulador D.E. Pacharán Navarro as approved producers of authentic Pacharán Navarro, Pacharan San Cernin is run by the Munarriz family who have been...

Atxa Sierra De Orduna Pacharan

Destilerias Acha is one of Basque Country’s oldest continuously operating businesses, and Atxa Sierra De Orduna Pacharan is one of its best known products. The small distillery is located in Amurrio, 50km...

Pacharan Zoco

Pacharan is traditionally made by macerating sloes in anise, and so is the case for Pacharan Zoco. Sloe, known as arañón in Navarra, is the fruit of the Prunus spinosa shrub. It...
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