Rabbit Hole Launches Distillery Series With Starlino Rye Whiskey

Rabbit Hole Starlino

Rabbit Hole has unveiled the inaugural release in its Distillery Series, Starlino rye whiskey. The new range is made of limited-edition small batch, cask-strength bottlings. 

Rabbit Hole Starlino is a sour mash rye that was finished in vermouth casks from Italy’s Hotel Starlino Rosso. The vermouth is a blend of marsala and trebbiano wines, which is infused with botanicals and then undergoes a secondary six-month maturation in bourbon barrels. The casks were then shipped to Rabbit Hole to finish this 95% rye for a six-month period.

Rabbit Hole describes the Starlino as “a one-of-a-kind whiskey with the rich sophistication of an expertly-crafted Manhattan.” It offers aromas of peppermint, ginger and cinnamon, followed by hints of vanilla, rose and a tang of tropical fruit. The palate delivers a mix of spices against a backdrop of sweet whiskey and wine flavors, which fade into a warm, nutty finish grounded by hints of oak. It is recommended enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

Bottled at 52.8% ABV, Rabbit Hole Starlino is priced at $50 per 375 ml bottle. For more information or to buy a bottle, head over to Rabbit Hole’s official website.

In September, Rabbit Hole Distillery added a double chocolate malt bourbon dubbed “Raceking” to its Founder’s Collection. The whiskey is the third expression to join the Kentucky brand’s Founder’s Collection series.

In May, Rabbit Hole released a 15-year-old cask strength Kentucky straight bourbon, finished in Japanese Mizunara oak as the second addition to its Founder’s Collection.


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