Milan’s Unseen Bar Taking Over London’s Silverleaf For Two Nights Only

Unseen Silverleaf

For two nights only Milan’s infamously irreverent cocktail bar, Unseen, will be joining forces with London’s destination cocktail bar Silverleaf from 7pm-10pm. The two night event will be sponsored by Disaronno.

Unseen Silverleaf

On Sunday 24th and Monday 25th July, East London cocktail bar Silverleaf will host a two-night experience with visionary Milan-based bar, Unseen. The event will be held in Silverleaf’s hidden private tasting room, Alba. The collaboration promises to challenge the norm with Unseen showcasing its innovative approach to the art of cocktail making.  

Inspired by the electronic music genre of Vaporwave, established in the 2010s and which has since developed a sub-cult following, the two bars will present its guests with a drinks offering that pays homage to key flavours of childhood. Enveloped in the musical and stylistic atmosphere of the genre, Silverleaf’s minimalist opulence will fuse with Unseen’s unconventional ‘vaporwave-inspired’ bar design. Alba will be transformed with baby blue and pink UV lighting and paint, with drinks being served on floppy disk coasters for the ultimate nostalgic memorable guest experience. 

The event will be held on Sunday 24th – Monday 25th July 7pm – 10pm. Silverleaf, Pan Pacific London. 80 Houndsditch, London, EC3A 7AB.

For more information or to make a reservation, head over to Silverleaf’s official website.

Since opening in February, Silverleaf has managed to make quite the name for itself and in June headed stateside to take over New York rooftop cocktail bar Overstory.


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