Hong Kong’s Caprice Bar Launches A Journey Through Time

Hong Kong’s Caprice Bar

Caprice Bar at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong gas unveiled “A Journey Through Time,” a new winter drinks menu featuring 10 unique cocktails that celebrate French savoir-faire, combining the past and the present with aged and new spirits that take one through a voyage of time.

Launched last month, the cocktails have been carefully crafted by Caprice Bar Assistant Manager Anyss Saintilan, combining aged spirits selected for their impact on historical French culture, recent spirits from smaller, independent French producers, and winter comfort ingredients.

The recently appointed Saintilan is responsible for managing the bar operations and crafting new cocktail menus, extending the vision of three Michelin starred Chef Guillaume Galliot at Caprice.

Hong Kong Caprice Bar

Highlights from the new menu include:

The Past

  • Café-Calvados – Using an old Calvados from the 1990s with delicate scents of apple and butter caramel, and combined with vanilla-infused vodka and a coffee shot, this cocktail is served as espresso martini style, accompanied with a piece of homemade brownie.
  • La Ligne Rouge – This cocktail is a twist on the famous New York Sour, concocted from Mastiha liqueur and red wine-infused with vanilla, topped with shaken egg white.  Mastiha liqueur comes from Greece with pine or cedar-like flavours and the organic 1999 red wine from Chateaueuf Du Pape boasts the aroma of blackberry fruit, licorice, leather and truffles. This perfect blend of Greek and French flavours is well balanced with the sourness of lemon juice, making it a perfect aperitif.

The Present

  • Caprice Tonic – A beautiful, revisited version of the classic Gin and Tonic combining light, round and bitter flavours. Citadelle Reserve Gin was handpicked for this cocktail, a classically French brand from the South of France where the gin is aged in a cognac barrel, resulting in complex flavours from oak and the taste of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Truffle Negroni – This is one of the most timeless cocktails of Caprice Bar. French truffles are infused with gin for at least five months – an amazing, layered drink with beautiful flavours of truffle, balanced with the bitter orange taste of sweet vermouth and Campari.

For more information or to make reservation, head over to Caprice Bar’s official website.

Hong Kong’s Caprice Bar entrance


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