Archie Rose And St Ali Cause A Stir With ‘Blasphemy Coffee Whisky’


Sydney distillery Archie Rose and Melbourne-based coffee roasters St Ali have collaborated on a new drink that combines a single malt whisky with a blend of two coffee beans to produce a caffeinated spirited.

Blasphemy coffee whisky, a coffee whisky spirit, is made from Archie Rose’s single malt whisky and St Ali’s Orthodox and Wide Awake coffees.

Yes, as the name makes plain, the folks behind it know that it might be seen as sacrilegious by some diehard whisky and coffee aficionados. 

Speaking about the new drink, and acknowledging what some coffee and whisky aficionados may think, Archie Rose founder Will Edwards said:

“Although strict whisky and coffee purists might consider it an abuse of both liquids, it’s a pairing that when you taste it, and understand the production processes, actually makes perfect sense,” says Edwards.

Both collaborators suggest that you try the new beverage either neat or in a boulevardier, to best experience tastes of amaretto, creme caramel, roasted hazelnuts, dark chocolate, stewed apples, plum jam and fresh berries.

Archie Rose and St Ali’s Blasphemy coffee whisky will be available to order from Wednesday, July 28 via the Archie Rose’s official website and St Ali’s website, for RRP $89.99 — and you’ll be able to find it at the Archie Rose Cellar Bar, and at selected bottle shops.


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