White Claw Launches First Global Campaign, “Let’s White Claw”

Let's White Claw ad campaign

White Claw has launched its first global marketing campaign, “Let’s White Claw.” The brand refers to its new set of creatives as being part of a “global platform.”

White Claw fans are among the most engaged of any beverage in the world, notes a press release. “Through their social feeds, videos, hashtags and memes, fans have generated over 4 billion impressions and 46 times more social media mentions than competing brands.”

“Let’s White Claw was inspired by the love our fans have for the brand. It is a celebration of that feeling of pure uncomplicated fun that White Claw enables,” said John Shea, Chief Marketing Officer, White Claw Hard Seltzer, USA. “Let’s White Claw is about freedom and connecting. When the question is ‘should we?’ our answer is always Let’s.”

Building on its fame and user generated content, White Claw is collaborating with a diverse group of creators from across the United States and around the world to capture unscripted, in-the-moment content inspired by the feeling White Claw evokes.

And the result is a deep suite of content featuring different moments, improvised by the creators themselves – starring real people, in real locations. All elements of the campaign, down to bespoke music by up-and-coming artists, were created specifically to match the feeling in each piece of content.

Throughout the year White Claw will partner with new creators to refresh content, so that “no matter where or when consumers are enjoying White Claw, there is always an open invitation to enjoy pure, uncomplicated fun,” says the release.

Last month, White Claw added to its arsenal of ready-to-drink offerings with the addition of Hard Seltzer Iced Tea – a hard seltzer iced tea made with sustainably sourced brewed tea. White Claw Hard Seltzer Iced Tea is crafted using a unique BrewPure process, sustainably sourced brewed tea, and the finest flavors to deliver a wave of pure refreshment like no other.


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