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Inside Mexico City’s Hanky Panky With Walter Meyenberg

Over the past several years, Mexico City has blossomed into one of the world’s top cocktail destinations. Exciting local products, from wine and liquor to fruit and spices, as well as a...

Hanky Panky Debuts New Cocktail Menu, Passport

Award-winning Mexico City bar Hanky Panky has announced its brand new cocktail menu, Passport. It is the first new menu in three years from the team led by Walter Meyenberg, Gina Barbachano...

Hanky Panky Is Bringing Some Of The World’s Best Bars To Mexico City

Starting this month, Hanky Panky will team up with some of the most celebrated bars from around the world. Bringing them to their home ‘somewhere in Mexico City,’ Hanky Panky will host...

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