Outlander Star Sam Heughan Reveals Sassenach Tequila

Sam Heugha Sassenach Tequila

Outlander star Sam Heughan has launched Sassenach Tequila. Last year, the Scottish actor launched Sassenach Whisky

Heughan teamed up with El Tequileño Master Distiller Antonio ‘Tony’ Salles to create a new limited edition Sassenach Select Tequila. He took to Twitter to announced his new offering, writing, “It’s Here! So thrilled and so excited to introduce our latest Sassenach Spirits baby!

Sassenach Tequila bottle

“In our journey to identify unique spirits from around the globe, a couple of years ago, I met and became friends with the brilliantly talented and 3rd generation master distiller Tony Salles and the El Tequileño team. “We were welcomed into their family and community, discovering we shared a passion that runs deep. We talked, laughed and explored the Mexican landscape, despite being from different continents, we agreed on the same vision of craftsmanship and quality.”

Sassenach Select Tequila is a Double Wood Reposado. It is handcrafted using agave from the Highlands of Jalisco and mineral-rich water from El Volcán de Tequila, and distilled in traditional copper pot stills. It is aged for two years in American oak barrels and finished in French oak barrels.

It is “the perfect blend of our cultures and passion, a partnership steeped in tradition, heritage, and a love of good tequila!,” said Heughan. Adding,  “El Tequileño’s long legacy of producing award-winning tequila and The Sassenach Spirits’ fresh look at award-winning whisky have yielded the perfect friendship, resulting in this unique The Sassenach Select limited batch. I’m proud of our new baby. We hope you enjoy [it] as much as we did creating it.”

Tony added, “Learning about the process behind creating The Sassenach whisky, and hearing stories of Scotland has been an inspirational experience for me. The Scottish and Mexican cultures have many similarities — both have great pride in their countries, deep-rooted histories, and of course, a great passion for producing their national spirits.”

Sassenach Select Tequila is priced at $99 and is currently available via ReserveBar.


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