Michter’s Unveils 2021 Edition Of 10 Year Bourbon, After Setting Auction Record For A Barrel of Bourbon

Michter's 10 Year Bourbon

This month, Michter’s Distillery will begin shipping the 2021 release of its 10 Year Bourbon. In July of 2020, a private barrel selection bottling of Michter’s 10 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon established the record for a barrel of bourbon purchased at auction when it was sold in London for £166,000 ($209,462 USD). “It’s wonderful to see the growing recognition that well-made bourbon, rye, and American whiskey are having around the world,” observed Joseph J. Magliocco, Michter’s President.

Michter’s 2021 10 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon is 94.4 proof, and is priced at $150 in the U.S. In the words of Michter’s Master Distiller Dan McKee, “This release is a really full bodied, special bourbon.”

It has been stored in Michter’s heat-cycled warehouses. “When we heat cycle, it increases the interaction between the whiskey and the wood allowing us to extract more character from the barrel resulting in a truly rich and exceptional whiskey that is not overly oaked,” stated Michter’s Master of Maturation Andrea Wilson.

In March, Michter’s released its 2021 US*1 Barrel Strength Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey on a national and international basis. The Louisville-based brand had not released the bottling nationally since 2019.

In September, Michter’s unveiled the 2020 edition of its US*1 Toasted Barrel Finish Rye Whiskey. It is the distillery’s latest release to feature a toasted barrel finish, following the launch of the US*1 Toasted Barrel Sour Mash Whiskey in 2019

In November, Michter’s 25 Year Bourbon returned for the first time in three years. Master Distiller Dan McKee approved the release of the spirit to the company’s distributor and importer network for sale.

Beyond its main distillery in the Shively section of Louisville, Michter’s operations extend to two other sites in Kentucky. In Springfield, Michter’s is farming estate grown grain on its 145-acre property, while in downtown Louisville, Michter’s has its second distillery in the historic Fort Nelson building.

For more information, head over to Mitcher’s official website.


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