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Where To Find The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks In Los Angeles

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Photo by Kelby Vera


Ready for Dry July? It’s hot so even if you’re not drinking, we know you need A Drink. Fear not! Taking a break from booze definitely doesn’t mean you ditch cocktails, or the buzz. Some of the best restaurants in Los Angeles have added non-alcoholic drink options to their menus and they are nothing like the Shirley Temple-saccharine mocktails of memory.

A world of zero-proof spirits mimicking everything from tequila to rosè to gin means bartenders across the city are eager to mix up their best with alcohol-free alternatives. Need a little more heft? The emerging genre of “functional” or “adaptogenic” drinks claims they can give you a Weekend-worthy buzz without the hangover. Too good to be true? Drink to believe it!

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