Julie Macklowe Brings Luxury To American Single Malt With $1,500 Whiskey

The Macklowe

Trail-blazing entrepreneur Julie Macklowe is set to launch the “first luxury American single malt whiskey” this month in New York. Dubbed The Macklowe, the first release from her private reserves, a cask of distinction #61, consists of 237 pre-allocated 700 ml bottles, which are priced at $1,500.    

The Private Reserve Cask of Distinction is a highly limited release featuring one cask of American Single Malt, distilled and matured to Julie’s specifications. Distilled in 2014, Cask #61 was specifically chosen by master blender Ian MacMillan of Scotland.

Macklowe worked with world renown master distiller and blender Ian MacMillan on this new release.  McMillan’s career spans close to 50 years and was the master blender for Burn Stewart and most recently brought the Bladnoch Distillery in the Lowlands back to life.  This marks the first release in the series The Macklowe Casks of Distinction and is a “rare example of exceptional American Single Malt,” according to McMillan.  

The Macklowe is bottled in a hand-crafted, hand-painted design reminiscent of a flask. The packaging is inspired from a trusty flask Julie carries that is filled with her favorite whiskeys.  “My flask is a reminder that you should drink what you like, not what you are told to like. Whiskey is personal,” she continued.  

Her vision of The Macklowe is a personal one of “true luxury: a Hermes bag, a Louis Vuitton suit, a Gucci belt, or a Ferrari – once you buy it, you’re in a different league,” says a press release. “My whiskey obsession began when I traveled the world for work.  It was then that I started collecting whiskey. I searched out bottle shops and duty-free shops all over the world and stuffed my suitcases for the trip home.  Today, my collection includes a bit of everything but primarily Scotch single malt.  I am driven by my palate, not the price and I love the entire range of flavors,” she says. 

The Macklowe American Single Malt spent more than seven years in ultra-premium toasted and charred new American white oak. It is a luscious, complex farm to table spirit made from 100% non-GMO locally sourced ingredients. In an unusual move both a column still and copper doublers are used in Macklowe production which is distilled and aged in Kentucky.  

On the nose, The Macklowe Private Reserve Cask of Distinction Cask No. 61 offers intense aromas of sweet oak, vanilla, and Seville orange peel, alongside liqueur-like, honey, marzipan, and caramel overtones. The sweetly spiced palate delivers gingerbread, creamy maltiness, hints of maple syrup, and citrus flavors. The finish is long and complex.

“Every bottle of The Macklowe is 100% American with grains grown here and distilled in America,” said Macklowe. “This is the first release of a series of limited releases that our loyal clients will be eligible to purchase as they come to market.”  

This rare bottling of the Macklowe, is a single cask of distinction #61, each bottle is hand signed, numbered and this liquid will never be repeated.

The Macklowe is available at upscale retailers including Sotheby’s, Park Avenue liquors, Sherry-Lehmann, Morrell’s, K&D Wines, Convive and Acker wines.  In addition the Macklowe will be featured at many of New York City’s finest restaurants: Eleven Madison Park, all Jean George restaurants, Daniel, Pavillion, The Grille, Polo bar, Le Biblioquet, La Goulue, Casa Lever, Sistina, Kappo Masa, Lola Taverna, Casa Cipriani’s and the Carlyle hotel among other high end venues.  

For more information, head over to The Macklowe’s official website.


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