JaM Cellars Introduces Butter Cab And Butter Bubbles

Butter Bubbles Butter Cab

JaM Cellars is expanding its popular Butter brand with the launch of two new wines: Butter Cab, California and Butter Bubbles, California. Butter Cab and Butter Bubbles are the first varietal extensions to the Butter line since Butter Chardonnay launched over a decade ago.

“We’ve seen a tremendous rise in the popularity of Butter over the last ten years—it has become a favorite amongst wine lovers, those new to wine, and our retail and distribution partners,” said John Truchard, Founder and CEO of JaM Cellars. “With Butter’s growth, we’ve experienced increasing pressure to craft more Californian wines under the Butter brand that deliver on the same promise: easy-to-love wine with a rich, bold, and smooth flavor profile at an affordable price point. We waited a long time before developing new Butter releases worthy of our consumers’ trust. Butter Cab and Butter Bubbles live up to the Butter name: delicious quality under $20.”

Butter Bubbles Butter Cab

Butter Cab is a Californian cabernet—rich, dark and smooth, fruit-forward, and aged in a unique blend of oak for a long vanilla finish. Bright and creamy, Butter Bubbles is crafted with a proprietary blend of Californian white grapes. This golden sparkling wine is double fermented and explodes with juicy, creamy flavors of baked apple pie.

JaM Cellars will release a limited production of Butter Cab and Butter Bubbles this year, slated to hit the wine aisle of Safeway, Albertsons, Target, Harris Teeter, Ralphs, and Total Wine in spring 2022.

For more information, head over to JaM Cellars’ official website.

Butter Bubbles Butter Cab


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