Hernö Unveils World’s First Gin Matured In Juniper Casks, Hernö Slow Sloe Gin

Hernö Slow Sloe Gin

Hernö has unveiled the world’s first gin matured in juniper casks, Hernö Slow Sloe Gin. The new offering is the fifth product in the brand’s Interpretations series.

Hernö Slow Sloe Gin was matured for four months with ripe sloe berries, before being aged for another four months in 39.25-litre juniper casks. In total, the spirit matured for eight months to develop its unique taste.

The man behind the product is Hernö Gin distiller Magnus Ernstsson. He believes ”something tasty plus something tasty will be tasty.” His idea was straightforward, “I wanted to try to mature Hernö Sloe Gin on juniper casks that have been used to mature Hernö Juniper Cask Gin,” explained Magnus. “The path from thought to action is never long at Hernö Gin, so the same day we stood in the distillery with juniper casks filled with our Sloe Gin.”

On the nose, the gin offers lavish floral notes with plentiful juniper wood and juniper alongside jammy sloe berries. The palate is fruity with intense juniper and fresh juniper wood. There’s a little sweetness and a mellow texture. The lingering, fruity finish delivers a certain sweetness that slowly turns to a dry spiciness.

Hernö Slow Sloe Gin is the fifth product in the series Interpretations by Hernö Gin. An homage to the art of slowness with this double matured spirit, interpreted in the painting on the label.

“The artist Hans Forsell has captured our thoughts with great finesse,” said Jon Hillgren, Founder and Master Distiller at Hernö Gin. “In his mind our juniper cask becomes a snail shell and the watch as a symbol of time adorns a wildwood where time is standing still. I’m impressed by his creativity as well as Magnus’ creativity while creating Hernö Slow Sloe Gin.”

Bottled at 40% ABV, just 1,066 bottles of Hernö Slow Sloe Gin have been produced.

For more information, head over to the brand’s official website.

The brand also built a gin hotel and cocktail bar in Stockholm, with an aim to turn the High Coast of Sweden into an international destination for gin lovers.

In late 2020, Hernö announced it is building a Gin hotel in Härnösand and a new cocktail bar in Stockholm as part of its plans to turn the High Coast of Sweden into an international Gin destination.


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