Fife Arms Hotel Unveils Bertie’s Whisky Bar, Devised By Here Design

Bertie’s Whisky Bar, The Fife Arms. Photographer Sim Canetty-Clarke image 1
Photographer Sim Canetty-Clarke

Here Design has revealed a mischievously theatrical visual identity for Bertie’s Whisky Bar, a new library of whisky to be discovered at the iconic Fife Arms Hotel in Braemar, Scotland. Inspired by King Edward VII, affectionately known as “Bertie,” and his hedonistic love of opulence, the East London studio devised a playful take on history masquerading as an extravagant design to adorn his new home in the Scottish Highlands. 

A bar without a counter, this new “elegant drinking experience is characterised by a labyrinth of 365 whisky bottles, one for each day of the year, arranged by flavour profile,” says a press release. Visitors to the amber-lit bar will be encouraged to meander amongst the whisky shelves to acquaint themselves with the liquids and enjoy a variety of drams sourced from across the globe.

Bertie’s Whisky Bar, The Fife Arms. Photographer Sim Canetty-Clarke image 6
Photographer Sim Canetty-Clarke

In celebration of Bertie’s larger-than-life personality, Here Design borrowed inspiration from the heir’s quirky and anecdotal qualities, fitting to the bar’s intimate atmosphere. Intricately peppered atop whisky tasting cards, coasters, drinks menus are candid words uttered by the bon viveur and lascivious motifs that point to his gregarious pastimes, from time-spent with his much-loved canine Caesar to the lit cigarette that never strayed too far from his hand. 

Featuring an ornate design defined by lashings of bold colour, Here Design “marries heritage with modernity in a contemporary aesthetic influenced by historical pursuits that eternalizes Bertie’s lust for life within the fabric of the bar’s DNA,” explains the brand. The studio has also designed the packaging for a new bespoke whisky; a blended malt exclusively available at The Fife Arms. 

“We are thrilled to lift the veil on our latest designs for The Fife Arms’ newest welcome that is Bertie’s Whisky Bar,” said Billy Bridgeworth, Creative Director of Here Design. “The design journey we have embarked on to bring King Edward VIII’s, or rather Bertie’s, extravagant personality to life was a creatively liberating one and we’re excited to be a part of the iconic hotel’s reopening, following a year of challenges for many.” 

Here Design’s new visual identity for Bertie’s Whisky Bar continues the studio’s collaboration with the landmark hotel that first began in 2018 and stands alongside Here’s curated work for Elsa’s Cocktail Bar.

To make a reservation, head over to Bertie’s Bar’s official website.

Bertie’s Whisky Bar, The Fife Arms. Photographer Sim Canetty-Clarke image 4
Photographer Sim Canetty-Clarke


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