Diplomático Teams Up With Chef Michael Symon To Launch “The Heart of Rum” Campaign

Heart of Rum - Diplomatico Rum Michael-Symon

As part of its inaugural “The Heart of Rum” campaign, Diplomático has announced a year-long partnership with Celebrity Chef, and TV personality, Michael Symon. Highlighting the “heart” and know-how that goes into each bottle of Diplomático rum, the collaboration brings the brand’s values of craftsmanship, family, and authenticity to life alongside Symon’s story and the passions that drive his love for cooking.

In the same way the Diplomático family and its Master Blenders employ their expertise to combine the finest local sugar cane with their unique distillation methods, Symon’s cooking is also the product of his meticulous approach and unwavering commitment to crafting extraordinary dishes from simple, high-quality ingredients.

“My cooking is a representation of my love for my craft, for those I’m sharing a meal with, and for those who’ve helped me along the way,” said Symon. “Diplomático has long been one of my favorite spirits for sipping and cocktails in the kitchen, but beyond its delicious taste, it’s a brand that really reflects this philosophy and cares about crafting quality products with purpose.”

To launch the campaign, the brand created a series of videos that highlight some of Symon’s favorite dishes and cocktails to make at home for his family and friends. Viewers can follow along with Symon to recreate his dishes and cocktails, including one of summertime’s most refreshing drinks: the classic Daiquiri.

“We’re proud to partner with a true artisan like Michael Symon,” said Diplomático Senior Brand Manager, Alex Fellows. “He’s an expert with deep respect for his craft, the process, the ingredients, and the heritage. These values represent Diplomático Rum at its core and have made us the trusted brand we are today.”

The brand will be releasing additional video content featuring Michael Symon throughout the year with timely recipes and cocktails that will be featured on the brand’s social channels.

For more information on Diplomático Rum, head over to the official website.

In April, Diplomático announced a pilot program focused on improving sustainability within the restaurant and bar industries while helping address the ongoing food insecurity issue in the United States.

In August of 2020, Diplomatico unveiled Seleccion de Familia Rum. The new “super-premium” expression from the Venezuelan brand is specifically suited toward cocktail creation, and made to represent the personalities behind the spirit.


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