BrewDog Debuts Navy Strength Gunpowder Gin

Brewdog Gunpowder Gin

BrewDog Distilling Co has unveiled Gunpowder Gin. The navy strength bottling is the latest addition to the Scottish brand’s Lonewolf Gin line.

BrewDog Gunpowder Gin is made with Tuscan juniper; pink, black and Szechuan peppercorns; Paraguayan bitter oranges; Sicilian lemons; Mexican pink grapefruit; and star anise. Bottled at 57% ABV, it is recommended for sipping straight, or for mixing in a Martini or Negroni.

It joins four other expressions in the Lonewolf Gin range: Original, Cloudy Lemon, Cactus and Lime, and Peach and Passionfruit

Gunpowder Gin is priced at £25 ($34 USD).

For more information, head over to Brewdog’s official website.


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