Aspen Has Its Own Tequila And It’s Aged In Grand Cru Bordeaux Barrels, Montagave

Montagave Blanco 'Héritage' tequila

There’s a new tequila from Aspen, Colorado on the market and it’s been aged in Grand Cru Bordeaux barrels, Montagave. The first release in the lineup is a blanco, with more expression expected to follow.

Montagave is the result of French and Texan cultures colliding in Aspen, after Lucie, a native of France, and John Melvin, originally from Austin, Texas, met there in 2017. In 2019, they married in Aspen and together came up with the idea for Montagave, which was to be served to their friends and family at their larger wedding celebration in France.

Montagave Blanco 'Héritage' tequila vertical

After meeting Salvador ‘Chava’ Rosales Trejo from fourth generation family-run distillery Tequila Cascahuín (NOM 1123), Lucie and John were welcomed into his family and discovered a shared passion for craftsmanship and connecting with loved ones around exceptional food, wine, and spirits.

Montagave introduces an innovative barrel program and elements of old-world winemaking to Cascahuín’s long legacy of producing award-winning small-batch tequilas.

Montagave’s inaugural release, Montagave Blanco ‘Héritage’, is a tequila rested for 29 days in red wine barrels sourced from some of the finest winemakers in Bordeaux, France. The result is a naturally pink sipping tequila with a floral nose and notes of roasted agave, red berry fruit, stone fruit, citrus, and a light pepper finish.

“Montagave is the result of those magical moments gathered with friends and family eating, drinking, connecting, and celebrating. What inspires us today is crafting the finest tequila in the world to enhance those moments for others.” says John Melvin.

The Melvin’s, who reside full-time in the Roaring Fork Valley with their daughter, aim to launch the company locally alongside craft wholesale distribution partner, LibDib, before expanding into additional US markets later this year.

Bottled at 41% ABV, Montagave Blanco ‘Héritage’ is priced at $75 per 750ml bottle.

Montagave is now for sale at a variety of premium liquor stores, bars, and restaurants throughout Aspen, as well as a limited number of specialty stores in Colorado, New York, and California. 

For more information, head over to the brand’s official website.


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