Absolut Debuts 2022 Tomorrowland Bottle

Absolut Tomorrowland 2022 Bottle

Absolut has unveiled a limited-edition bottle design to mark its continued collaboration with the Tomorrowland festival. This is the second year in a row the Swedish vodka brand has released a special vessel for the Belgian music festival.

Created as part of the United We Dance Campign, the Absolut x Tomorrowland 2022 bottle features the Tomorrowland icon at the center. It has been has been designed to illustrate the two brands’ shared values of inclusivity and diversity. Together the brands believe that “what unites us is stronger than what divides us.”

On the side of the bottle, imbibers will find a butterfly, which symbolizes the “beauty of nature,” while a crown reminds consumers  that “we are one world in which we are all equal,” while the eye has been positioned to “inspire us to see the beauty of life.”

On top of the limited-edition bottle, Absolut and Tomorrowland are giving six under-represented artists the “biggest stage of their career”:  Mandidextrous, Jana Vitiligo, RayRay, Carola, Odssey, and Moore Kismet.

The limited edition bottle will be available in Germany, Benelux, Slovakia, Serbia and Switzerland.

Tomorrowland takes place on July 15-17; 22-24; and 29-31 in Boom, Belgium. For more information, head over to the festival’s official website.


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