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Prunier XO Carafe

Some Cognacs take you on majestic journeys, others are filled with centuries old elegance, Prunier XO Carafe tastes of home. Simply, it warms your heart. It’s soft and embracing like a mother’s...

Prunier VS Cognac

Prunier suggests their VS Cognac is “ideal for cocktails, cooking and as a flavouring for fruit salads,” and it’s not that I disagree--it would be great for all of those things--but it...

Maison Prunier Tres Vieille Grande Champagne Cognac Wins Outstanding Gold And Top Rated Cognac At 2020 International Wine & Spirits Competition

Maison Prunier Tres Vieille Grande Champagne Cognac was awarded an Outstanding Gold at the 2020 International Wine & Spirits Competition. The Cognac from the 250 Year Old producer scored 98/100. "Outstanding, with a...

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