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Grant’s Whisky Distillery In Scotland Has Hired A Dog To Sniff Out Whisky Imperfections

Grant’s Whisky distillery in Scotland has taken an innovative step in isolating barrels that have a less than perfect condition. They have called in a new quality control expert to detect imperfections...

M&H Distillery Launch Cask Ownership Program

M&H Distillery (Milk & Honey) has launched its very own Cask Ownership Program. The Israeli distillery brought its Whisky to the United States for the first time back in August. The M&H Distillery...

Whisky Cask Investments Have Outperformed Gold, The S&P 500, And Bitcoin

Where the markets will be a year from now is anybody’s guess, and that’s leading more people to put their money into a Whisky cask, which are turning out to be great...

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