Restaurateur Adolfo Suaya Opening $35 Million Whisky Hotel In Hollywood

Restaurateur Adolfo Suaya has gathered funding to open a $35 million Whisky-themed hotel in Hollywood. Dubbed the Whisky Hotel, the building will house 134 guest rooms, each boasting a mini bar filled with a selection of whiskies from around the world as well as a whisky fountain in the lobby.

Suaya is known for opening a variety of restaurants and bars around Los Angeles, including the Gaucho Grill chain, The Phoenix, Bar Delux, Surly Goat, Dolce, and the Lodge. Now he’s bringing his food and drink background to the hotel game.

According to Eater Los Angeles, “Guests checking in will get a complimentary dram of whiskey when they walk in, while whiskey “sommeliers” can guide brown liquor aficionados in their craft spirits selection.” 

Located at 1715-1721 N. Wilcox Avenue in Hollywood, the Whisky Hotel will also include a 2,500 sq ft rooftop, greenhouse-style restaurant (which we assume will have a plethora of Whisky options), and parking for 96 cars.

“The Whisky Hotel aims to carve a niche in the growing whiskey tourism industry and plans to do so by providing a unique experience for connoisseurs and amateurs alike,” a spokesperson told What Now Los Angeles. “Suaya wants to make every inch of this hotel an immersive experience, from the smell and the music to the whiskey sommelier on staff who will help guests expand their palettes.”

The Whisky Hotel will also host Whiskey-themed events such as cocktail classes and tastings. “Owning a hotel is the most romantic thing ever, and Hollywood is the perfect place for it,” noted Suaya. The hotel is expected to open in 2022.

Currently, Los Angeles bars remain closed and only restaurants with outdoor space can serve food and drinks. Nonetheless, more and more options are becoming available to the city’s denizens. Those who want to enjoy L.A.’s cocktail scene without leaving home might want to check out 25 Los Angeles Bars And Restaurants Selling Delivery And Pickup Cocktails.


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