Nate Brown – Creative Director Behind Beyonce, Kanye, and Alexander Wang – Debuts Rosaluna Mezcal

Nate Brown has teamed up with a variety of industry figures to launch Rosaluna Mezcal. The new agave spirit from the Santiago Matatlan-based brand is set to hit shelves in New York, Southern California, and Massachusetts later this month.

Notes for being low-calorie, gluten-free, plant-based, carbon-neutral, single estate, and free from additives, colours or flavourings, Rosaluna Mezcal is distilled with espadín agave by sister-and-brother duo JJ and Frida Méndez León Jiménez whose family has been making Mezcal for six generations.

Nate Brown – a creative director famous for his work with Jay Z, Beyonce, Kanye, and Alexander Wang – partnered with Terry Lee, an adviser and investor of businesses like Thrive Market and Magic Spoon; Freddie Martignetti, an accomplished investor and advisor at Highland Capital with ties to the beverage industry; and Pepe Mireles, an entrepreneur with 25 years’ experience in film, interior design, real estate and the hospitality industry.

“I am obsessed with Mexico. I’ve been going there since I was young, and this project is a bit of a manifestation of my love affair with Mexico,” Brown told Complex. “I wanted to channel that into Rosaluna—and do so in a way that is fun and inviting—working as a Creative Director for the past 15 years has all been channeled into this project in some way or another – be it the physical product or through experience, or social, or digital. Again, a convenient excuse to work with my creative network on a fun project.”

The brand grows, farms, ferments, and distills its own agave from start to finish and aims to use Rosaluna’s environmental and dietary credentials to reach an audience that is more culturally engaged, environmentally aware, and health-conscious. 

Rosaluna Mezcal will be available through Drizly and select retailers in New York, southern California and Massachusetts priced at $39.99 for a 750ml bottle.


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