Mayacamas Completes Rebuild, Invites Guest To Return To Estate Hospitality Center

Iconic Napa Valley winery Mayacamas has announced the completion of the Estate Hospitality Center. The rebuild follows the destruction of the old house by the 2017 fires. 

A reinvigoration of the property and past visitor experience, the space provides an elevated atmosphere where guests can taste the iconic vintages after learning about the storied winery and walking amongst the vines. Backen & Gillam Architects designed the exterior and Bradfield & Tobin envisioned the interior elements of the space, both carefully constructed to reflect the rich history and natural beauty of the legendary site.

The Mayacamas visitor journey commences in the historic stone winery built in 1889, taking guests through the 475-acre vineyards and property, and finally landing in a hospitable environment for a scenic tasting. With the Estate Hospitality Center rebuild, the focus was to pay homage to the previous structure while continuing to modernize the estate. Every detail of the new space was closely considered so it feels as special as the memory of the old, from the location to the colors, tones and textures used for both the exterior and interior taken from the existing winery palette.

“The careful preservation of Mayacamas has been central to my family’s work as we continue to value its timeless essence and rich history, while providing a contemporary experience for visitors,” said owner of Mayacamas, Joey Schottenstein. “We hope the new Estate Hospitality Center instills confidence in the future of Mayacamas as a mark of our respect and stewardship to uphold its great legacy.”

The agrarian vernacular design was curated to enhance the surrounding terrain and reflect the wine making process. The exterior of the building is intended to look as though it has long been a feature of the estate and contrasts with the delicate detailing of the interior. A large opening to the South reinforces the connection to the outdoors and amplifies the views of atop Mount Veeder. Featuring indoor and outdoor seating options and a catering kitchen, the focal point of this 3,000 sqft construction is the tasting room where a 24 ft gathering table provides guests time to reflect on their visit and taste excellent wines in refined comfort.

“As the first on property rebuild in 75 years, the new Estate Hospitality Center increases our visitor experience and capacity,” explains Mayacamas Estate Director, Kris Kraner. “We are looking forward to reopening our doors to invite guests to our table to share wine, our story, and lasting memories.”

Guests can make reservations to visit Mayacamas via the winery’s official website.


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