Maison Prunier Tres Vieille Grande Champagne Cognac Wins Outstanding Gold And Top Rated Cognac At 2020 International Wine & Spirits Competition

Maison Prunier Tres Vieille Grande Champagne Cognac was awarded an Outstanding Gold at the 2020 International Wine & Spirits Competition. The Cognac from the 250 Year Old producer scored 98/100.

“Outstanding, with a beautifully smooth elegance and depth that is enriched with comforting and warming spice. Alluring bitter orange flavours give additional layered complexity to an exceedingly well-balanced, and silky, palate,” wrote the judges about the Maison Prunier Tres Vieille Grande Champagne Cognac.

The score was the top for Cognac bottling, along with Hermitage Cognacs 1960 Grande Champagne Cognac, Hermitage Cognacs 1920 Grande Champagne Cognac, Courvoisier Cognac Courvoisier Initiale Extra, Ferrand Cognac S.D.A Sélection Des Anges Grande Champagne Cognac, COGNAC FRAPIN Château Fontpinot XO, all of which incredibly scored 98/100.

Here is the complete list of medal winning Cognac expression at the 2020 International Wine & Spirits Competition:

1960 Grande Champagne CognacFranceHermitage CognacsOutstanding Gold
1920 Grande Champagne CognacFranceHermitage CognacsOutstanding Gold
Château Fontpinot XOFranceCOGNAC FRAPINOutstanding Gold
Courvoisier Initiale ExtraFranceCourvoisier CognacOutstanding Gold
Tres Vieille Grande Champagne CognacFranceMaison PrunierOutstanding Gold
S.D.A Sélection Des Anges Grande Champagne CognacFranceFerrand CognacOutstanding Gold
2008 Grande Champagne CognacFranceHermitage CognacsGold
VSOP CognacFranceABK6 – Cognac SNC du Maine DrilhonGold
Jean Doussoux Single Cask N°89 Edition Limitée XO CognacFranceDomaine du ChêneGold
Renaissance XO CognacFranceABK6 – Cognac SNC du Maine DrilhonGold
Chanteloup Perspective XXO CognacFranceMartell CognacGold
Gold XO Grande Champagne CognacFranceCognac François VoyerGold
Roland Bru Extra CognacFranceDistillerie des MoisansGold
Frérot Assemblage De Crus XO CognacFranceFlaviarGold
XO CognacFranceMaison PrunierSilver
Deau XO CognacFranceDistillerie des MoisansSilver
Extra Or CognacFranceLarsenSilver
Extra CognacFranceCamus La Grande MarqueSilver
Blue Swift BrandyFranceMartell CognacSilver
XO Ulysse Cognac Grande ChampagneFranceDrouetSilver
XO CognacFranceCamus La Grande MarqueSilver
VSOP Grand Champagne CognacFranceMaison PrunierSilver
VSOP CognacFranceCognac GautierSilver
Réserve Double Cask Grande Champagne CognacFranceFerrand CognacSilver
VS CognacFranceCognac GautierSilver
Braastad Organic Selected Blend VSOP CognacFranceETS TiffonSilver
Tercet Cognac Fine ChampagneFranceRémy MartinSilver
Rare VSOP Fine Champagne CognacFranceThomas HineSilver
VSOPFranceCourvoisier CognacSilver
XO Single Estate CognacFranceReviseur CognacSilver
VSOP Aged In Red Barrels CognacFranceMartell & CoSilver
Napoleon Fine ChampagneFranceCourvoisier CognacSilver
XO Fine Bois CognacFranceVaudonSilver
XO CognacFranceMartell CognacSilver
VSOP Fins Bois CognacFranceCognac LeyratSilver
Cordon Bleu Extra CognacFranceMartell CognacSilver
VSOP Special Edition – Virgin Oak CognacFranceCognac PlanatSilver
XO CognacFranceDistillerie Merlet & FilsSilver
VSOP Cognac Grande ChampagneFranceDrouetSilver
XO Borderies Family Reserve Single Estate CognacFranceCamus La Grande MarqueSilver
No.1 Cognac VSOPFranceWaitrose & PartnersSilver
Rémy Martin XOFranceRémy MartinSilver
Cognac XOFranceLes Freres MoineSilver
XOFranceCourvoisier CognacSilver
Cordon Bleu Extra CognacFranceMartell CognacSilver
Deau Napolean CognacFranceDistillerie des MoisansSilver
Roland Bru VSOP CognacFranceDistillerie des MoisansSilver
Chevalier VS CognacFranceAldi StoresSilver
Deau VSOP CognacFranceDistillerie des MoisansSilver
Deau Black Extra CognacFranceDistillerie des MoisansSilver
VSFranceCourvoisier CognacBronze
1840 Original Formula Grande Champagne CognacFranceFerrand CognacBronze
VSOP Petite Champagne CognacFranceReviseur CognacBronze
1738 Accord Royal Fine Champagne CognacFranceRémy MartinBronze
Fine Cognac XOFranceFamille NaudBronze
Cognac – ElixirFranceEXSTO COGNACBronze
Deau VS CognacFranceDistillerie des MoisansBronze
VS Single Distillery Fine CognacFranceMartell CognacBronze
Waitrose & Partners No.1 Cognac VsopFranceEmporiaBronze
VS CognacFranceLarsenBronze
VS CognacFranceVaudonBronze
Braastad Cocktail Edition CognacFranceETS TiffonBronze


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