Jameson Irish Whiskey’s “Lost Barrel” Ad Resurfaces As Part Of “Legendary Tales” Campaign

Jameson Irish Whiskey is bringing back its iconic “Lost Barrel” ad as part of its “Legendary Tales” campaign. In a year when everyone could use a good story and an equally good bottle of Whiskey, the resurfacing of the beloved advert is a welcome sight.

The campaign celebrates the heritage of Jameson Irish Whiskey through legendary – and at times, tall – tales to inject some much-needed humor into 2020. At the center of “Legendary Tales” is the ultimate story of the “Lost Barrel,” which playfully dramatizes just how overboard John Jameson might have gone to deliver his smooth-tasting whiskey to the world. 

In the spot, the 18th century distiller, unable to part with one drop of his triple-distilled whiskey, jumps into a raging sea, battles a thirsty mythical octopus and returns safely back to shore, whiskey barrel in hand.

“I’d like to tell you how the legendary story of the ‘Lost Barrel’ truly happened, but I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed to, and would you believe me anyway?” asked Andrew Eis, Jameson Engagement Director at Pernod Ricard USA. “Still, it is the spirit of this tall tale that captures the extraordinary lengths we still go to today so people can enjoy our smooth whiskey. Our ‘Legendary Tales’ campaign is designed to deliver a laugh while encouraging friends and family to come together, even if just virtually, over a whiskey to create their own tales.”

“Lost Barrel” will return on October 5th to kick-off the nationwide Legendary Tales campaign. The campaign will extend online with content that demonstrates how the legend of John Jameson lives on, from the signature triple-distillation process still used today (true), to fighting off pirates (somewhat true), to chasing lost barrels into the sea (tale). 

“John Jameson was ahead of his time, setting a precedent for crafting one of the best and smoothest Irish whiskeys,” said Eis. “And while we aren’t battling sea creatures – at least on a daily basis – we’re still willing to go overboard for our whiskey each and every day.”


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