Idle Hour – A New Brisbane-Made Vodka Is The Perfect Addition To Your Home Drinks Cabinet

If you’re wanting to mix up your cocktail palette but are tired of trying new things with Gin, there’s good news. Brisbane has released a new Vodka, the product of lockdown and a little stroke of genius – one of the creative positives of a global pandemic. 

Made from locally sourced ingredients, this is a rye vodka and it’s called ‘Idle Hour’. Inspired by the COVID-19 lockdowns, and the creators desire to offer something to the community, when there was prohibition against casual encounters with friends – this is a drink that is as timely as it is tasty.

The brains behind the drinks are Pettit, Matt Kowal and Lachie Goldsworthy. All are entrenched in the drinks industry. Petit has long worked for world-renowned brands like Heineken and Pernod Ricard, Kowal is a veteran of energy drinks, from Red Bull and Monster, and Goldsworthy was heavily involved in the development of Balter Brewing. The desire of the group was to create an uncomplicated, unpretentious Vodka that challenges outdated opinions of the spirit, and to develop something more than the cheap Vodka brands you can find at the corner liquor store.

Idle Hour is a special drink, not just because of its geographic origin or ingredients; locally grown rye, made in Mount Glorious, just outside of Brisbane. This is a vodka that holds an authentic  flavor— meaning that you can sip it in a soda mixer, or just as easily sip it neat with the simplest addition of ice. 

Because everyone likes choices, there are two varieties depending on your preference. For vodka soda drinkers, there is a charcoal filtered option. However, for those people wanting to try something unfamiliar there is the Idle Hour Unfiltered, which holds a spicy, chocolatey essence. 

Idle Hour Vodka is currently available at over 100 retailers across Queensland, Australia. But for people not down under, there is a direct order here

We’re promised there will be additions to the range later this year.

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