French Bloom Launches Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine

French Bloom has announced they will be launching in the UK exclusively through Selfridges this January. The organic, alcohol-free, French sparkling wine offers a celebratory, healthy and elegant alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages that’s perfect for those participating in Dry January.

Co-founded by Constance Jablonski and Maggie Frerejean-Taittinger, French Bloom was born from the desire to create a drink that facilitates connections without the need to sacrifice healthy living. Having first met in New York, Maggie and Constance developed a close friendship as a result of their similar wellness journeys. Constance, a top model living a fast-paced lifestyle, was struggling to balance the industry’s demand for physical perfection alongside a social life which provided her with the relationships and connections important to her mental wellbeing. Maggie,  a self-proclaimed foodie and gastronomy lover, was navigating her pregnancy and finding that there was a lack of pregnant-friendly alternatives to the sparkling wine that she usually paired with dishes when dining with friends and family. Both women’s experiences left them feeling as if there was no way to maintain the spiritual wellness of connecting with other people, without sacrificing their physical health.

In 2020, Maggie and Constance founded French Bloom, an organic, alcohol-free sparkling wine. Low in calories, with no-added sugar and without sulfites, the vegan-certified recipes are the product of two years of R&D and Maggie and Constance’s determination to ensure that the pleasure derived from the drink should be as important as the desire for wellness.

Produced and bottled in the South-West of France, French Bloom’s offering includes “Le Blanc” and “Le Rosé”. Le Rose combines begins with rose petals and cherry aromas followed by well-balanced acidity and delicate notes of peach and wild berries. Le Blanc begins with a Chardonnay pear aroma and tropical notes followed by an evolution of apple, spicy citrus fruits, and white flowers flavors.

French Bloom is available exclusively in Selfridges stores across the UK and at for £29.

For more information, head over to French Bloom’s official website.


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