Appleton Estate Unveils Ruby Anniversary Edition

Appleton Estate has announced the launch of Ruby Anniversary Edition, a limited-edition release celebrating Master Blender Joy Spence’s 40 years of craftsmanship with the distillery. 

Appleton Estate Ruby Anniversary Edition is an exclusive release unlike any before it in the brand’s 270-year history; it is a blend of 5 exceptionally rare Jamaican rums, aged for a minimum of 35 tropical years, and including rums as old as 45 years. With only 500 bottles available, this offer is a luxurious gem for rum lovers, a commemorative release for the first female Master Blender in the spirits industry, and a taste of decades of craftsmanship and dedication.

There can be only one woman to hold the title of “First Female Master Blender in the Spirits Industry,” and that woman is Joy Spence. Her trailblazing accomplishment is proof of her pioneering mindset and commitment to excellence in her work. An energetic, unbelievably skilled and deeply passionate force of nature, Joy has worked at Appleton Estate for four decades and proudly served as its Master Blender for nearly a quarter of a century, pouring her vast knowledge and perfectionism into every bottle of Jamaica’s most-celebrated rum.

“Forty years ago, I had the opportunity to channel my passion, talent, and knowledge into a role at Appleton Estate,” recalls Spence. “I was honored to join one of the most revered world-class brands, in the place I call home. Forty years later,” Spence continues, “from luxury editions to permanent expressions, I am still immensely proud to continue to innovate and produce luxurious aged rums at the highest quality standards, suited for every occasion. Since 1981, my goal has been to create the world’s most exquisite, refined aged rums and to share them with the world. This special edition marks a milestone for me and was created using some of the finest stock in our over 200,000 barrels.”

Produced at the oldest continuously-operating rum distillery in Jamaica, Ruby Anniversary Edition is an exquisite blend of five hand-selected column and pot-still rums, crafted with Jamaican limestone-filtered water, with no added flavors, and aged in Jamaica. Aged a minimum of 35 years, one of the charms of the Ruby Anniversary Edition is rooted in its strict aging process. Each bottle contains liquid as old as 45 years and as young as 35. Due to Jamaica’s climate, Appleton Estate rums age nearly three times more quickly than spirits aged in cooler climates.

Best enjoyed neat or in a tulip-shaped Glencairn snifter, Ruby Anniversary Edition offers aromas of cinnamon and minty orange. Next, airing the rum will reveal notes of delicate apple, overlaying rich vanilla, and continue with bursts of warm butterscotch, and rich coffee with toasted oak. The palate reveals a delicate molasses and spicy honeyed taste. The finish is fine and smooth, with creamy dry oak.

Appleton Estate Ruby Anniversary Edition is a limited-edition release, with only 500 bottles available at the Joy Spence Appleton Estate Retail Rum Experience in Jamaica and at select premium retailers starting in February 2022.

For more information, head over to Appleton’s official website.

Last June, Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum launched a 15 Year Old Black River Casks rum, and also updated its existing ultra-premium 21 Year Old Nassau Valley Casks, both crafted by Master Blender Joy Spence.


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